Patio doors play an important role in keeping your household safe, so it’s obviously important to make sure the door latches and locks function correctly. It’s normal for debris to get lodged inside the patio door lock mechanisms or even for the locks to break down with age and usage.  Irrespective of the state of these doors, you need to know how to maintain and replace patio door locks.

It’s quite easy and all you need is a screwdriver and a replacement for your door latch. Then, simply follow these 4 basic steps which will help you to replace patio door locks effectively.

Inspect and Clean the Latch

The very first thing you will need to do is to inspect and clean the latch.  Often, patio doors employ several pin tumblers. In these types of door latches, debris can get in easily and the mechanism inside gets jammed. All you need to do is insert any graphite pencil inside the lock and squeeze a lubricating substance like WD-40 Multi Use Product into the patio door latch. This can help to dislodge any contaminant that is inside the door lock.

Lubricate Your Latch Using WD-40

Other patio doors work with the help of notches that move up and down, and they experience the same kinds of debris problem.  You can deal with them in the same manner.

How to replace patio door locks – Removing the Latch Body

If lubricating and cleaning the patio door lock did not work, then it’s a sign that the door latch needs replacing. As a next step, you may need to consider removing the latch body.  You need to get hold of a good screwdriver and remove the screw at the top of the latch. Then, slide the latch out of its place and let it hang from the lower latch.

With the latch removed, you will see some mounting screws that are used to hold the patio door lock in place. Unscrew them and pull the lock out of the door.

Install the Locking Cylinder and Reattach the Latch

Take your replacement lock and fit it into position on your patio door. Now tighten its mounting screws.  Before you continue, make sure that the lever and lock key are working like they are supposed to. Then, screw the latch onto the patio door.

Test Again

Now, test it. Make sure that the locking arm is working well and ensure that the sliding door is impossible to open with the lock engaged.

Replacing patio door locks does not have to be so difficult. Hopefully, this guide has helped.

Common sense should be exercised whenever using WD-40 Company products. Always follow the instructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the packaging.

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