Preventing rust is a topic that should concern every vehicle owner.  Rust not only damages the vehicle, but also takes a toll on its appearance as well as the resale value.  If you do not keep your car well-maintained, you are going to see patches of rust appear. Prevention is key. If you let the rust set in, it will become difficult to remove it later on!

Here are some tips and tricks for vehicle owners to help keep their cars free from rust. These tips will slow down the oxidation of even the most fragile parts of the car and will keep it bright, shining and free from rust.

Tip for preventing rust

The following rust prevention tips will keep your car rust free.

1.    Wash and wax

If you wash and wax your vehicle regularly, the chances of it rusting will decrease enormously. Dirt not only makes your vehicle look untidy, it also has a lot of moisture in it –  one of the main causes of rusting. Washing your vehicle every couple of weeks will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. Additionally, waxing it with a good quality car wax at least every four months will keep the paint safe from contaminants that tend to cling to the surface and cause openings in the paint which let in moisture.

2.    Protecting your  car against road salt

Rusting of the vehicle speeds up if you live near the sea or during winters when there is a lot salt on the road. The best way of preventing the rusting of your vehicle because of road salt is to have it cleaned regularly, and then oiling the underneath of the car with the right lubricant like WD-40. This will provide a barrier between the surface of the vehicle and the moisture which is the main cause of rust.

3.    Coating it with WD-40

When it comes to rust prevention coating, nothing beats WD-40. It keeps the metal surfaces dry which is the key to preventing rust on your vehicles.

For best results, make sure you wash and clean the car well before applying WD-40. Don’t only spray it on the exterior body of the vehicle, but also spray it on the underside of the car which is more prone to getting rusty. With a coat of WD-40, your car will remain free from the trouble of rust and the difficulty of getting rid of it!

4.    Beware of Nicks and Scratches

The way that parking lots are laid out and built, vehicles are parked much closer to one another than ever before. This increases the risk of receiving scratches from neighbouring cars when the doors are opened. Scratches can also be caused by pebbles or tiny rocks striking the vehicle when it is being driven. These nicks and scratches let moisture in, which leads to rusting of the vehicle.

5.   Inspect the car regularly

Inspecting and examining your car regularly is also important for rust prevention. Look for rust on the body of the car and see if the paint on any part of the car is blistering up or bubbling as this is the beginning of the problem of rust. Particularly look at these three areas for rust: the trunk and the engine, the external painted parts of the car and the undercarriage.

If there is going to be a long period of inactivity, wash the car and spray it with WD-40 – the best rust prevention spray. Don’t drive too close behind other vehicles to prevent nicks caused by the kicking up of pebbles. Also, keep your car covered with a car cover whenever possible.

Cars are prone to rusting and if they are not taken care of well, the rust will grow without you even noticing it. Keep the above-mentioned tips and tricks in mind to keep your car rust free. Brits have been protecting their cars from rust for the past 60 years using WD-40. It is the ideal rust prevention lubricant that is easy to spray and provides premium protection against rust.

See how well WD-40 works to prevent rust: